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Platinum International Continues its Expansion
Situated in the heart of Prague, our office, currently serves as the headquarters for all the Central European Operations. Since its grand opening in early February 1999, more than 500 families have enrolled in our luxurious Vacation Club and have explored their dream destinations. Thanks to this lavish network, together with the Exchange system provided by Interval International, our members in various areas of the world enjoy the advantage of having endless choices & varieties of vacation locations throughout the year.Recently, Platinum International started marketing a new, exclusive, and highly luxurious product from its Central European base, Prague. The new product, known as "World Class Vacation Owners Club", offers its members the "la crème de crème vacations" with many years of fabulous holidays. World Class Vacation Owners Club members can either enjoy their holidays at any of the superb resorts within our Club or exchange their Vacation Ownership for a holiday at one of the Resort Condominiums International resorts worldwide.

The Honorable Prime Minister Of Malta Dr. Eddy Fenech Adami, Mr. Michael Tolanand Mr. Denis Curmi Mr. Michael Tolan, Mr. Denis Curmi and Mr. Earnest Flamini, Chairman of Air Malta

Mr. Denis Curmi, Dr. Michael Refalo and his wife, the Minister of Tourism - Malta  Mr. Michael Tolan, CEO of  Platinum International, and Mr. Denis Curmi, The Financial Director


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Customer Services Center
Platinum International s.r.o.
VSP Building, Ohradni 65, 14500 Michle
Tel: + 420 2 61062401
Fax: + 420 2 61062402

Central European Membership Enrollment Center
Male Namesti
Prague 1, Czech Republic