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The charitable movement, Time4sharing, took its first steps into the     millennium and after several global events proved to be quite successful.
This non-profile organization, founded by Viviane Boulos Tolan, 
was established so that timeshare professionals, who are more commonly used to selling " vacation" time ,can give back to their community by donating their "personal" time. The organizations main goal is to get donations of "TIME" so that children in need can experience at least one day of fun or activities shared by role model volunteers. 
The organizers and volunteers hope to see this charitable movement grow and prosper into more countries and areas where children are in need. 
The first event was launched in Prague, Czech Republic; where there was a definite need to help out orphan children. The success of this first event paved the way for the second event, which took place in Beirut, Lebanon. In only 2 months, Time4sharing had expanded into three countries and hosted five events for various different orphan children. 
For 2001, Time4sharing is planning to host quarterly events and interact with as many different orphanages, non-religiously affiliated, in as many different countries as possible. So far, chapters are being studied in the United States and Thailand. Their first events are yet to be decided but there are eager volunteers ready to help those children in need. The third event in Lebanon will take place in the spring. The planing has begun and ideas are being shared. Prague is hosting a Valentine's dinner gala in honor of the orphan children in Central Europe. Bahrain also planning their second event for 2001 and is actively seeking volunteers. If you would like to contribute "time" to this organization, feel free to visit our website and find out where you may be able to form a Time4sharing activity in your area if you are interested in making a dream come true.


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