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Prince Albert invites you to Societe Des Bains De Mer De Monte-Carlo

Fairy tales talk about princes, magic and wonder... And sometimes, just sometimes, fairy tales come true. That's what 

happened to some of our members and it could happen to you. The Societe des Bains de Mers, created 100 years ago and property of the Grimaldi royal family, is now at your reach, through the Monte Carlo Dream Trip proposed by Platinum, exclusive representative of SBM 

Once upon a time, there was a king, living on an island (sounds like pure myth eh?), far , far away from here. This king felt he could do something brilliant with his island and he decided to transform it into one of the most mesmerizing Places in the world:

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near the warm Mediterranean sea, glamorous and exclusive hotels receive stars coming from the other side of the planet, luxurious casinos greet people wanting to have fun in the safes conditions, the Thermes Marins offer thalassotherapy treatments and Healths Spas in beautiful surroundings... The Hermitage, The Monte Carlo Beach Club, Jimmy'z, The Hotel de Paris... All these places have been considered as the dream destination in the heart of many people. And from now on, this dream has become a reality.

Platinum was selected amongst dozens of agencies vying for this prestigious representation. In April 1998, Platinum was officially named as the general sales agent for Société des 
Bains de Mers.
On the 15th of September, Prince Albert visited Lebanon for a few days. The Platinum owners were invited to the press conference by Mr. Gedeon, Consulate of Monaco. This was a wonderful opportunity to meet the Prince. The bonds between Monaco and Lebanon are getting tighter, aren't they?
So Platinum, and more precisely 360° Travelscape, can now propose a very generous package: The Monte Carlo Dream Trip. For this really is a dream trip! This all inclusive package of sheer luxury provides flights and helicopter service to Monte Carlo, 7 nights at one of the fabulous SBM Monte-Carlo Hotels, including rejuvenation at the spas with 8 thalassotherapy treatments, access to golf clubs and casinos. This is all part of SBM and this is all for $ 985.00 ! With a very simple calculation, you'll be able to realize that one of the most exclusive vacation destinations is now at your reach...

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