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With its increasing popularity and prestige, Platinum can manage even more efficient and interesting associations

What better proof could you get than this brand-new joint venture on which Austrian Airlines and Platinum agreed?
From now on, it is possible for Platinum members to enjoy Austrian Airlines services through our company.
Furthermore, this new agreement gave us the opportunity to make a promotion during the last year. Prizes and gifts, such as vacations in Austria, skis, etc.... were to be offered after a lottery, to one of our lucky entrants.
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Mr. Walid Kfoury was the happy and surprised winner of the one week-long trip to our resort in Sankt Johann, near Salzburg. <<It was a wonderful surprise, he says. <<You see, I'm a mechanical engineer, and a member of Platinum for almost two years now. I was at work with many things on my mind. Somebody called me from
Platinum and simply told me that the company was now working with Austrian Airlines, that they had made a lottery and that I had won a stay in Austria for two persons, including the plane tickets. I didn't realize what I was being told!>>
And because Platinum doesn't stop halfway, Mr. Kfoury goes on: <<I couldn't go during the winter because of my work, I had to leave on the 30th of April. And there was no plane back before the 9th of May. So I asked Platinum if it would make any problem for us to stay a little bit longer, 9 days instead of 7, and they fixed everything for me. It was very nice of them.>> It was the first time Walid Kfoury was travelling to Austria, and the first time he was travelling with Platinum too. <<It was some kind of test for me, to see what kind of resort
Platinum was proposing to the members. And I wasn't expecting anything like that. It's a five-star hotel, with everything you need; the people there were very careful. The planning was proposing a different activity everyday; that's how we got to visit Salzburg, Grossglockner, the highest mountain in Austrian airlines, and even Vienna, since a tour was organized to go spend the day there. We missed none, intending to enjoy our stay in every way. It was extremely pleasant, you could say perfect.>>

By working with more and more companies specialized in flying, touring or vacation, as famous and professional as Austrian airlines, Platinum can keep offering you the best services, and planning little surprises like this one. It could happen to you…
As Platinum keeps growing, we also try, successfully it seems, to diversify our activities and to promote the
company in every possible way.

Thus, through Platinum as well as for its own benefits, it is you and all of our members who get represented in fields which usually are not directly of our concern. And you know this is our main objective. Well, if Platinum wins it all in the time sharing business, why not get some recognition and popular appreciation by other medias?

One of our major intervention turned out to be the sponsoring of a rally car which participated to the Lebanese rally car championship, organized by the Automobile and Touring Club of Lebanon. This competition included the 22nd edition of the most famous car race in Lebanon: the Marlboro Rallye du Liban, which is already well-known to be one of the most important event in local sport car competition. Anyway, associated to very serious partners such as Igol and Pigier, we were there from the 16th to the 19th of July, all over Mount-Lebanon. Our car, a Renault Clio Williams, racing for the George Bosche Racing Team, was driven by the Doumet-Maalouf duet. We took the ninth position in this specific step of the national championship, 7 minutes and 48 seconds after the champion on Ford Escort WRC. This leads us to the seventh position in the annual championship, with a total of 148 points. Not bad for a start, don't you think?

What matters most is that Platinum improves in a very positive and constructive way its presence all over Lebanon, in some places where you wouldn’t expect to find it. And with its prestige, we hope it is your satisfaction which grows too.