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A Platinum fashion Extravaganza   Aug, 15 - 2002

A festive air characterized the first annual fashion show by Saudi designer Fawzia Al-Nafea at the Janna restaurant in Beit Mery on August 15. The event was sponsered by Platinum Resorts International, the worldwide exclusive vacation club.

Every year Platinum holds a big event for the members of its club, highlighting different themes in leisure and luxury. This year platinum wanted to show a luxurious feminine touch, and so it organized a breathtaking exotic fashion show in the jungle-like scenery provided at the Janna restaurant.

Unlike the usual fashion shows, this one tells a story, one with a theme bringing out the present through reflections on the past. It's the story of the progress of Woman "from the Garden of Eden" to the present.

With the Fawzia Al-Nafea collection for winter 2002-2003, models from many countries glided along the catwalk, showcasing simplicity combined with feminine outlines.

On hand to give a royal reception to the Saudi stylist was Viviane Boulos-Tolan, "Mrs. Platinum" herself.




A wedding gown and evening wear



A group of seven carefully- selected Czech journalist, three of whom were on the staff of Prague Television, spent a memorable week in Lebanon at invitation of Michael Tolan and his wife, Viviane Boulos.
The purpose? Reinforcing economic, touristic and cultural ties between Lebanon and Czech Republic following the successful participation of International Platinum in the world "Holiday World Travel 2001" fair, at which more than 500 exhibitors came from all around the world and where their stand, "Rediscover Lebanon", was a center of attraction.
It was a "Week of Lebanese-Czech Friendship" which enjoyed the support of the Czech Parliament, and it featured a visit by the group to the "Sun City Resorts" in Ajaltoun and, as an ahlan wa sahlan, a very
Lebanese breakfast hosted by the Tolans at the Téléphérique restaurant in Harissa in which businessmen and representatives of the Lebanese press took part. The Czech journalists were also received by Lebanese officials with whom they had fruitful discussions: Fouad Saniora, Najib Mikati, Karam Karam, Ghazi Aridi, Bassel Fleihan - these being the ministers of finance, public works, tourism, information, economy and commerce, respectively -, and they promised to do their utmost to further the cause of bilateral relations. Since they came here to discover Lebanon and to present it to their fellow-citizens through articles and reports on Czech Television, the journalists visited downtown Beirut and several other locales, notably Jeita, Byblos and Baalbek. Eva Fillipi, ambassador of the Czech Republic in Lebanon, hosted a luncheon at the Mijana restaurant in their honor, a crowning occasion for a week which will surely encourage businessmen to invest in our country and promote Lebanon as a tourist destination among Czech people.    
The Holiday World 2001 International Travel Exhibition comprising over 500 exhibitions from around the world recently took place in Prague, Czech Republic View of the Lebanese stand at the fair and was attended by around 50,000 visitors.
360 TravelScape from Beirut, was proud to be the only exhibitor at this huge tourist fair to portray Lebanon as a new and exciting travel destination, 360 TravelScape named their campaign "Rediscover Lebanon-The New Destination".
The 360 TravelScape stand stood out amongst the crowd of exhibitors in its unique appearance. The stand was inspired by a typical Lebanese red-roofed home with a Lebanese K'aadi and all sorts of traditional Lebanese items such as the Narghileh and water break. Visitors were in awe of the beauty Lebanon had to offer and many of the by-standers were amazed that Lebanon has a mountainous and sea region. 360 TravelScape was glad to remove many misconceptions and stereotypes of preconceived ideas about Lebanon and focus on tourist opportunities here.
"It was a great pleasure to represent Lebanon in this international fair. People from around the world are so curious about Lebanon. We felt it was our duty to show them the treasures of our country", said Joumana Oweida, 360 TravelScape marketing manager. "We have many people who have taken an interest in travelling here and we at 360 TravelScape have given them a reason to come and see the beauty of the country themselves by meeting all their travel and accommodation needs".
A lottery was drawn every hour o the hour, sponsored by 360 TravelScape. Over twenty lucky winners from prague won free night accommodations in Lebanese hotels. These winners were mainly locals from the Czech Republic but were eager to pack their bags for a trip to Lebanon.
As part of its on going marketing plan, 360 TravelScape has made huge efforts to promote Lebanon to travelers, politicians, and journalists throughout Central Europe. 360 TravelScape also launched its latest international venture by hosting top journalists from the Czech Republic to tour and see the Lebanon of today. The aim of this mission is to eradicate effects of previous media reports. " Our aim is to bridge the gap and understanding of the countries that may lead to commerce and friendship and tourism, that's what we need now to stimulate our economy and reclaim our rightful place on the tourist map", said Viviane Boulos-Tolan owner of 360 TravelScape.
Monday Morning, September 6, 1999

At the feet of our Lady of Lebanon, superbly illuminated, a vacation perfume was floating in the air, on the evening of Friday 27th of August, at the terrace boarded with candles of the Harissa-telepherique restaurant. At the entry, the atmosphere prevailing exotic flower garlands offered to all the ladies, and lottery tickets for a vacation in Monte-Carlo to all guests. Looking radiant, under a huge balloon-horseshoe, Mike Tolan and his wife Viviane Boulos, general agents in Lebanon, the "Societe des Bains de Mer", (S.B.M), in Monaco, were receiving their many friends, surrounded by the whole team of "Platinum" and their travel agency" 360 Travelscape". They were at the meeting, representing different tourist sectors, members, clients, VIPs and diplomats, some of whom came specially from Bahrain for the circumstance. The reason is that Platinum after Lebanon and the Czech Republic is opening an office also in Bahrain ! Also a leisure club has just been inaugurated in Feytroun, within the Platinum expansion policy. Touch Wood !

Watered with a blessed rain, the evening joyfully stretched with super mood. At the microphone, Mike Tolan, with his extraordinary glibness, enlivened the lottery and congratulated around twenty winners who received useful prized (little electric home appliances), useful for vacation apartments. 

But the big winner was Charbel Taber, who won a double accommodation of seven days in Monte-Carlo in the fabulous hotels of the Prince Rainier de Monaco Societe des Bains de Mer.

After a royal dinner-buffet an enthusiastic orchestra dragged, even the most reluctant ones to the dancing floor, which did not cease until two o’clock in the morning, when the telepherique just brought back the last evening passengers.