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Bahrain Tribune  May 8,2000

The visiting official representing the Tourism department and Economic Development Chamber of Commerce of Monaco, Jean-Jose Bertani promoted Monaco as a tourist destination during a presentation held yesterday. It was held at a local hotel and attended by the tour operators and GSAs (general Sales Agents) based in Bahrain and a large number of people keen to visit this new tourist destination. :It would be a very attractive place for tourists from Bahrain as Monaco is a small country of two square kilometers with a population of 30,000 has a lot to offer including beaches, hotels, spas, restaurants, and above all most exotic tourists sites in a tiny country," Bertani said. He said the salient features of the Monaco tourism with the help of slides and explained each site for the interests of the participants. Bertani while speaking about his official meetings with Bahraini officials said that he held a detailed meeting with Assistant Under Secretary for Tourism Affairs, Dr Khadem Rajjab and discussed issues of bilateral interest with him. "I explained to Dr Khadem about the existing potential in the tourism industry in Monaco for Bahrani tourists, who frequently travel to Europe," he said.Sales Manager, SBM Middle East Carlo G. Kehdy said that SBM, official GSA of Monaco, has also appointed Platinum International as their GSA in Bahrain

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Bahrain Tribune, November 5, 1999

Lebanese Ambassador to Bahrain, Mohammed Hajjar, inaugurated yesterday the headquarters of Platinum International in Bahrain.
Platinum Chief Executive Office, Michael J. Tolan, said that the time share company had chosen to establish its headquarters in Bahrain because of the favorable trading environment.
"In Bahrain, East meets West in the friendliest way," said Tolan. "The trading environment here enforces regulations which allow for a level playing field in which we may compete and Bahrain's commercially sensitive environment allows us the ability to be creative in our marketing," he said.Platinum International is the first company in Bahrain to be fully sanctioned under the new Timeshare Trading rules and have operated in Lebanon for over five years before relocating their headquarters to Bahrain.
The company will be promoting Vacation Membership in Lebanon through the World Class Vacation Club. Platinum International's Bahrain offices were officially opened at the Capital Center in Manama yesterday. The firm is the first company in Bahrain to be fully sanctioned under timeshare trading rules, and will be promoting holiday accommodation in Lebanon. It has operated in Lebanon for over five years.
Lebanese Ambassador Mohammed Al Hajjar opened the premises and later toured the company's showroom in the Baisan Tower Conference Center. Commerce Under-Secretary Dr Abdulla Mansour also witnessed the company's first sales presentation.