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Lamasat Fawzia Al-Nafea Oct, 2002
OUTLOOK Fawzia Al-Nafea A passion for fashion  Fall, 2002
OUTLOOK Miss Platinum Janna 2002 is crowned  Oct 2002
Al Diyar Miss Platinum Janna 2002 Sep,13,  2002
Al-Hadiss Platinum Fashion Extravaganza          Sep  Sep , 2002
Achabaka Miss Platinum Janna 2002 August 26, 2002
Nadine Platinum fashion extravaganza August 26, 2002
KHULUD Platinum fashion extravaganza August 26, 2002
Al-Mustaqbal No Passport for a Beautiful Dress

August 31, 2002

Monday Morning Platinum fashion extravaganza

August 26, 2002

La Revue du Liban Platinum fashion extravaganza August 24, 2002 Platinum Fashion Extravaganza August 20, 2002
The Daily Star Czech Embassy fetes visiting official March, 13, 2002
Wafaa "New Years Eve Draw" at Janna Beit Mery Jan, 2, 2002
Al-Hadiss Platinum's "New Years Eve Draw" at Janna Beit Mery          Jan, 2, 2002
MARIAGE  Platinum tirage du voyage de rêve Automne 2001
AlHasna Miss Platinum Jana 2001 Oct,   2001
NOUN Platinum Members Sponsor Fund Raising for Lebanese Orphans Oct, 16 2001
La Revue du Liban Election de Miss Janna Platinum 2001 Sep, 13 - 20 2001
Al-anwar Miss Platinum Janna 2001 A Spice of Exotic Beauty  Sep, 11 2001
Layalina Platinum Dream Trip at Janna Beit Mery Aug, 16 2001
Layalina Miss Platinum 2001 Aug, 16 2001
Layalina Platinum Dream Trip at Janna Beit Mery Aug, 16 2001
L'HEBDO MAGAZiNE Solidarité Special olympics organise un tournoi de basket-ball... 13, Juillet 2001
AlHasna Underprivileged Children July 2001
Prestige Semaine D'amitie Libano-Tcheque June 2001
OUTLOOK Journalists Check out Lebanon's potential May-June 2001
OUTLOOK Czech-Lebanese Friendship Week May-June 2001
OUTLOOK Wins hearts in Europe  May-  June 200
Al-anwar Arab-International Health and Hospitalization Conference Apr 28, 2001
TTG Traditional house on view Apr 6 , 2001
Al-Hadiss Czech Mate for Lebanese Business Apr 4 , 2001
Al-Hadiss A I'honneur, I'amitié Libano - tchèque...grâce aux Tolan Apr 4 , 2001
Al Diyar The Czech- Lebanese Friendship Week 
A new beginning to strengthen ties.
Mar 29 , 2001
La Revue du Liban A l'honneur, l'amitié libano-tchèque...grâce aux Tolan Mar 23, 2001
Al-Hadiss Czech-Lebanon Friendship week A new beginning ties between Lebanon and the Czech Republic  Mar 22, 2001
Monday Morning Lebanon Conquers Travel Fair In Central Europe Mar 19, 2001
Al-Mustaqbal A Czech delegation meets with ministers Mar 18, 2001
As-Safir Czech-Lebanon friendship Week Mar 17, 2001
Ach-Chark Fleihane Meets With The Ambassador Of The Czech Republic Mar 14, 2001
Al-Anwar A Delegation Of Czech Journalists Meets with Lebanese Ministers Mar 14, 2001
Al-Bayrak Karam Meets With A Czech Delegation  
For The Strengthening 
Mar 14, 2001
Al-Mustaqbal Czech Negotiations Within The Framework Of The Friendship Week  Mar 14, 2001
Al-Nahar A Delegation Of Czech Journalists meets With Lebanese Ministers Mar 14, 2001 Czech-Lebanon friendship Week Mar 14, 2001
AlHasna Miss Platinum "Janna" 2000 Nov, 2000
Kesserwan Miss Platinum Janna 2000, a spice of exotic beauty Oct, 2000
Prestige Un billet pour le paradis a Janna Oct, 2000
La Revue du Liban Janna Platinum: Un voyage de reve Sep 2-9, 2000


Winner of the Dream Vacation Sep 5, 2000
Al Diyar Brazilian Festival in Janna Sep, 2000
Prestige Platinum Resorts International Sep, 2000
Snob Janna in Beit Mary Sep, 2000
TTG Discovering vacations at no cost

Sep, 2000

The Daily Star Exotic mix of acts at Janna Aug 29, 2000
TTG Platinum wins Gulf appointment Jul , 2000
TTG Timeshare is beginning to make substantial inroads across the Middle East ..... Jul , 2000
Bahrain Tribune Monaco embarks on tourism drive May 8, 2000
Daily News About 80 people attended a reception at the Diplomat Hotel ..... May 8, 2000
Al-Khalije The Lebanese Ambassador attends the opening of the Platinum Bahrain branch Nov 15, 1999
Bahrain Tribune Lebanese Ambassador to Bahrain , Mohammed Hajjar, inaugurated yesterday the headquarters of Platinum International in Bahrain.  Nov 5, 1999
Daily News Timeshare firm opens  Nov 5, 1999
Daily News A  new firm , Platinum, opens in Bahrain on Thursday, selling timeshares in luxury holiday homes in Lebanon. Nov 1, 1999
Mondanite Par une nuit de fin d’été arrosée d’une pluie fine Oct, 1999  
OUTLOOK Today's Outlook. Oct, 1999
Monday Morning A brilliant evening during the vacation.  Sep 6, 1999
La Revue du Liban Une brillante soirée au parfum de vacances. Sep 4, 1999
L'Orient Le Jour Celebrating the Czech-Lebanon Friendship Week....
Vacances "à la carte".

ep,  1999
Masculin 360° de vacances  Sep, 1999
The Daily Star Bahrain night at téléphrique Aug 30, 1999