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Platinum Dream Trip at Janna Beit Mery   Aug, 16 2001

Once again, Janna hosted the Platinum "Dream trip" draw. Contestants eagerly sat in anticipation hoping they would be the lucky winner this week for the first of many draws to take place at Janna beit Mery sponsered by Platinum International. What may have been mistaken as anormal dinner at Janna was turning out to be a surprisingly exciting evening as one lucky winner may be the one picked to take home the prize. Every year, Platinum resorts International, the exclusive vacation membership club, hosts the "Platinum Dream Trip" draw at Janna Beit Mery as part of its summer promotions.

"We see this as a great opportunity to create excitement during the summer season as this is a time when people enjoy traveling the most" states Bassam Nakad, General Manager of Platinum Resorts International. What began as a marketing promotion has now evolved into a traditional joint effort between Janna and Platinum in creating fun and exciting activities for the public. Platinum chose Janna as the perfect venue for their dream trip draw as the atmosphere of paradise is rampant at the exotic tree housed restaurant. "It is difficult for one to escape the feeling of paradise by the restaurant. It seemed obvious that Janna was the perfect complement to our dream trip draw," continued Nakad.

The "Platinum Dream Trip" is a lottery draw whereby individuals or couples received lottery tickets and try their luck in winning free vacations in either Lebanon, Cyprus, or Egypt.

On the agenda this summer is three more Platinum Dream Trip draws as well as the much-anticipated "Miss Platinum Janna 2001" competition to be held at Janna on the 7th of September. Young ladies from the ages of 18-25 will vie for the title of "Miss Platinum Janna" entitling the holder of the crown to be the ambassadress for all Platinum activities.
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